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Here are a few recommended products and services. Select an image below to learned more. I am an Amazon associate and may earn a commission if you purchase from my site. I order from Amazon and have returned items to Amazon. I have not had any issues with Amazon.


I know I have a post on the "dark" stores and by no means do I promote all your shopping to be done on Amazon. However, if discounts are available, I shall share with the community. Not all links on this site or this page are affiliated with Amazon, they may be stores in your area. However, I have no control over what is within each of the links, they are merely recommendations or services that I recommend.

EBT Card Holders

Do you have a government EBT card? You can get a discount on Prime today.

Alternative to Cable

Are your cable bills too high or you just want to try something new?  Amazon channels may have something for you. 

Use Your FSA

Your FSA can be used on Amazon. Try it today!

World of Kindle

3 month deal or 30 day free trial

Are you a Potter?

The Wizarding World is coming to Dickinson County, Michigan January 31 and Feb 1, 2020. Get your clothing here for the event. 

Household Items

Grab household items here!

Our Pets, Our Family

Is your pet part of your family? Shop for them here. 

College Students

When I first started college, I signed up for Amazon Prime for the discounts on textbooks and timely delivery.

Gift Prime 

Everyone enjoys gifts and what better than the gift of Prime.


Wireless and their own charging case!

Supplies, Supplies

Get your teacher supplies here. 

Don't forget to sign up for these scholarships!


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